Provincial and municipal leaders visit our company

Views: | release time:2020-09-10

On September 8, Shaoxing Keqiao printing and dyeing industry engineers Collaborative Innovation Center, as the first batch of provincial pilot, was established. Zhang Xuming, full-time deputy director of talent Office of Zhejiang provincial Party committee; Wang Qinying, member of the Standing Committee and head of organization of Shaoxing Municipal Committee; Shen Zhijiang, Secretary of Keqiao District Committee of Shaoxing City; Wang Biao, deputy director of Organization Department and executive deputy director of talent Office of Shaoxing Municipal Committee, and some leaders of Keqiao district attended the opening ceremony.
In his speech, Wang Qinying pointed out that Shaoxing, as the central city of the Yangtze River Delta, has profound cultural heritage, obvious geographical advantages and solid industrial foundation. Shaoxing has a promising future and bright future in the process of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. It is believed that with the official operation of the printing and dyeing industry engineers Collaborative Innovation Center, Shaoxing will add another platform landmark of talent empowerment and industrial agglomeration, which will provide stronger talent support for Shaoxing's comprehensive economic strength to return to the "top 30" nationwide.
After the unveiling ceremony, Zhang Xuming, Wang Qinying and other leaders visited Zhejiang Caihua Technology Co., Ltd. Li Jun, general manager of Caihua Technology Co., Ltd., was extremely honored to successfully settle in the collaborative innovation center with six engineers of our company. He also introduced the product principle, technical advantages and market prospect of macromolecular colorants to all leaders in detail.
Wang Qinying inquired about the operation and development of our company, especially the difficulties and problems encountered during the epidemic period, and encouraged us to turn crisis into opportunity, seize opportunities, speed up product innovation, fully expand the market, and speed up the development acceleration as soon as possible through continuous upgrading.