Selected as an incubation center

Views: | release time:2020-08-12

On August 11, 2020, the opening ceremony of the "Shanghai Stock Exchange Zhejiang Sci-tech Innovation Board" and the opening ceremony of the "Shanghai Stock Exchange Sci-tech Innovation Board Enterprise Cultivation Center Zhejiang Class" were held in Xitang Ancient Town, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City. Many leaders and guests including Shanghai Stock Exchange, Zhejiang Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, and Zhejiang Equity Exchange Center attended the ceremony.
Zhejiang Tsaihua Technology Co., Ltd. was recommended to participate in the ceremony by the Financial Office of Keqiao District, Shaoxing City. It is reported that the companies that have been recommended and selected by all parties this time are all companies in Zhejiang Province that are most likely to go public in the future.
The ceremony was opened by Que Bo, deputy general manager of the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Que Bo pointed out that the Sci-tech Innovation Board has achieved initial results in serving technological innovation companies, basically achieving listing standards that are in line with the international capital market, and the market inclusiveness has been significantly improved. Currently, the Sci-tech Innovation Board has listed companies mainly focusing on the new generation of information technology. High-tech industries and strategic emerging industries such as biomedicine, high-end equipment, new materials, etc., have initially gathered a group of scientific and technological innovation enterprises that conform to national strategies, possess key core technologies, and have outstanding technological innovation capabilities. The Shanghai Stock Exchange will continue to support the sci-tech innovation board to become better and stronger. Based on the original market services, the incubation center will become a cultivating place and accelerator for outstanding technology innovation enterprises.
Zhejiang Tsaihua Technology Co., Ltd. will also take this ceremony as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with many outstanding companies, continue to deepen internal skills, vigorously innovate and develop, strengthen the company's own strength, and wholeheartedly provide customers with the highest quality products and the most intimate Service.