Reported by the "News Broadcast" media

Views: | release time:2019-09-17

In September 2019, the founder of the company, Li Junpei, and the macromolecular coloring products were successively reported by CCTV's "News Broadcast", "Focus Interview", CCTV News Client, Xinhua News Agency and other authoritative media reports.
We are grateful to the media and friends from all walks of life for their attention and support. Anhui Qingcai Technology will firmly establish the concept of scientific and technological innovation and development, seize the policy opportunities of the country to support innovation and development, enhance product competitiveness, and go out to open the eyes, with excellent enterprises. Cooperation, and learn advanced enterprise management methods, integrate superior resources, enhance industry visibility, take more effective measures to mobilize talent enthusiasm, not forget the initial heart, move forward, and strive to build a world-class innovative enterprise, to achieve a technological power Struggle for the great goal.