Participate in CCTV "Entrepreneurial Heroes"

Views: | release time:2019-06-21

At 21:48 on September 20, 2019, Mr. Wu Xiangsong, the executive vice president of our company, officially entered the CCTV-2 financial channel "Entrepreneurial Heroes" program with the "macromolecule coloring agent" project.
In the program, Wu Xiangsong first introduced the difference between “macromolecule colorant” and “small molecule colorant”, and demonstrated the functional characteristics, application fields and future development trends of the two. In the first round of investment negotiation, 11 of the 12 investors turned on the project, which is extremely rare. Among them, Mr. Cha Li, the founding partner of Venture Capital, expressed doubts about the rich color of macromolecular colorants, the safety of chemical synthesis and the chromatic aberration in different fields. The cost of macromolecular colorants by Mr. Xu Yong, the founder of AC accelerator He also expressed concern; Mr. Zhao Chunlin, the founder of Anlong Fund, said that “replace the existing small molecule coloring agent. What advantages do you have in this respect?” Wu Xiangsong answered the doubts of everyone and lifted everyone’s Worried.
In the end, macromolecular colorants are highly recognized by many instructors and investors because of their high safety, no absorption by the human body, strong coloring, bright colors, little color migration or precipitation, and no heavy metals. With praise, and successfully reached the initial signing cooperation intention with the founder of AC Accelerator Mr. Xu Yong.
"Entrepreneurial Heroes" is the first large-scale youth entrepreneurial practical program launched by CCTV Financial Channel. The program is dedicated to finding entrepreneurial projects with growth potential, collecting heavyweight entrepreneurial tutors and hundreds of professional investors, with funds, technology, resources, etc. Support for the establishment of a platform for entrepreneurs to realize their dreams. The project selected for Entrepreneurship Heroes must have a broad market space and be able to lead the way of life. It must also be scientific and innovative, so that it can stand out in multiple rounds of primary and re-election.
This time, the successful registration of the macromolecular coloring agent in CCTV's "Entrepreneurial Heroes" program is not only the recognition of the products themselves, but also the confidence of us. We will also actively listen to the valuable opinions and suggestions from the instructors. Through unremitting efforts and continuous technological innovation, the macromolecular colorants will move into more fields and enter thousands of households.