Completed 5.4 million seed round financing

Views: | release time:2019-03-04

Beijing Tsaihua Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative technology company focusing on the security of color. It synthesizes safe and healthy macromolecular colorant to promote the progress of chemistry and materials by technological innovation. Its products have great application prospects in many fields such as cosmetics, edible pigments, coatings, non-linear optical materials, etc. The company is registered in Tsinghua Science Park and has won the first prize fo the " Kunshan Cup" 19th Tsinghua University Entrepreneurship Competition and supported by the " Tsinghua creat+" seed fund. The team is applying for more than 30 national invention patents. Now the wholly-owned subsidiary-Anhui Qingcai Technology Co., Ltd. registered with a 1000 square meters for R&D and operation.