Beijing Tsaihua Technology Co., Ltd. Registered

Views: | release time:2018-01-31

Beijing Tsaihua Technology Co., Ltd. founded on Nov 21, 2017. The company has Beijing office and Hefei R&D center. The core team of the company consists of masters and doctors from Tsinghua University, Peking University and China University of Science and Technology.

Beijing Tsaihua Technology Co., Ltd. has been widely recognized and supported by the industry and even all sectors of the society. The company has received support from Tsinghua's " create+" fund and Hong Kong Qibao International Group. Many investors favor it. The company team was invited to participate in the 2017 Beijing Tongwulang Chuangke Fair and other enterprise exhibition activities and shows, and achieved outstanding results in all major entrepreneurship competitions. The company has won honor such as 2017 ICAN International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Beijing Division first prize, the first prize of "Kunshan Cup" the 19th Tsinghua University Entrepreneurship Competition.
After more than ten years of systematic research, only for such a big event
We are applying for more than 20 national invention patents, and we have international leading core technology
Chemical does not mean pollution, chemical industry from Tsinghua University, we change the world
Our ideal is not only to create a respected chemical and material company, but also to achieve the industry