Zhejiang Tsaihua Technology was established

At the beginning of the new year 2020, Vientiane is updated In this hopeful year, we welcome another impo

Participate in CCTV "Entrepreneurial Heroes"

At 21:48 on September 20, 2019, Mr Wu Xiangsong, the executive vice president of our company, officially entered the CCTV-2 financial channel "Entrepreneurial Heroes " program with the "macromolecule coloring agent " project

Reported by the "News Broadcast" media

In September 2019, the founder of the company, Li Junpei, and the macromolecular coloring products were successively reported by CCTV s "News Broadcast ", "Focus Interview ", CCTV News Client, Xinhua News Agency and other authoritative media reports

Tsingtsai technology participate CSITF

From April 18th to 20th, Anhui TsingtsaiTechnology Co , Ltd , a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing Tsaihua Technolo

Completed 5.4 million seed round financing

Tsaihua Technology is an innovative technology company specializing in color safety It synthesizes safe and health

Technology-based SMEs.

In April 2018 and May 2018, Beijing Huahua Technology Co , Ltd and its subsidiary, Anhui Qingcai Technology Co , Ltd , all successfully entered the national science and technology SMEs!

Li Junpei in Forbes' Under 30 Elite List

t from the industry and even from all walks of life The company has obtained the investment from Tsinghua "Chuang + " Fund and Hong Kong Paint Po Group, and has been favored by many investors

Anhui Tsingtsai Technology Co., Ltd. Registered

The brand of the enterprise is accumulated over a long period of time Once the brand of the enterprise has been formed, the brand of the enterprise will hardly change

Beijing Tsaihua Technology Co., Ltd. Registered

November 21, 2017, Beijing Material Technology Co , Ltd was incorporated, the company has a Beijing office, Hefei research and development center

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